Philip Berent MD


Dr. Berent helped me feel normal again. I have never been a fan of taking medications but I was to the point of not caring when I went to my first appointment. I am taking several different medications now but my depression is gone, my social anxiety much improved, and I am able to focus on what I need to do…usually. He is extremely friendly and always makes me laugh. Hearing that he too has issues that he is on medication for made me feel more comfortable. I would and have recommended him to my friends.

Dr. Berent has made very good recommendations. He ‘cured’ me of my depression. (Or as close as you can get anyway.) Was skeptical at first because of his hearty laugh, but he proved me wrong and wound up being very good. (Don’t hear psychiatrists laugh like that much.) My mood, temper and anxiety have improved remarkably well. My co-workers have even commented that my mood and attitude have done a complete 180 degrees for the better. Never felt like this before in my life. I recommend him heartily!!

Dr. Berent has been a wonderful psychiatrist. He has asked me great (and sometimes hard) questions that have led to a more focused and full treatment plan that I needed. He also suggested I be tested for Hashimoto’s as different symptoms I had (including hypothyroidism and colitis) indicated this possibility and also suggested I go gluten free. Testing revealed I do have Hashi’s and going GF has helped me feel even better. I highly recommend.

I highly recommend Dr. Berent as he was proficient in assessing, diagnosing and treating my problems.

I am very pleased with the professional care I have received from Dr. Berent. My mood and energy are improved significantly from the medications he has prescribed. I enjoy our meetings, which are psychologically and intellectually exhilarating. I find Dr. Berent competent and kind, and I recommend him as a psychiatrist.

I am the medical chief of staff at the health center at Western Illinois University. I am board certified in family medicine and also certified in Addictions. I have been in active medical practice in family medicine, college health and addictions for 38 yrs. I have worked with Dr. Berent since Sept. 2011. He has been our consulting psychiatrist this school year. He has done an excellent job of diagnosing and treating the students. They like him and respect his judgment. I do as well. Those referred to him do very well and function much better due to his care. I recommend him highly

Dr.Berent is by far the best Psychiatrist I have ever had, and I have had several. He asks a lot of questions and when I responded to his questions he would really listen and take very detailed notes. I was always very comfortable in his office and I told him personal issues that I have never told any one, issues that I would not tell to my own mother. Before I was a patient of Dr.Berent, my conditions were very bad, and now after a few sessions with Dr.Berent, I feel like a completely new person. The treatment I received from Dr.Berent really turned my life around and now I feel great!

Dr. Berent is an excellent physician whom I would recommend to anyone. After giving me several assessments during our first meeting, he was able to correctly diagnose me with a disorder that I have known that I had for years but that none of my other psychiatrists seemed to pick up on. The changes to my medication regimen have improved my quality of life greatly!

Dr. Berent is an excellent psychiatrist. He does a great job of listening to my concerns and addressing them (I finally have my meds right). My depression is in full remission and that’s something I haven’t experienced in a long time! He is a very friendly guy and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend him.

Very concerned about his patients. initiates follow-up calls.  Pleasant to talk with and to.  Will leave no stone unturned to help his patients get what is best for them.

Dr. Berent is very thorough, takes his time with his patients so I didn’t the wait. He prescribed me several meds and I have virtually no side effects. My psychiatrists in the past didn’t listen to me and what I told them worked for me and didn’t work for me. They just constantly changed my meds until I stopped taking them due to side effects and financial costs. Dr. Berent actually listens to me and carefully considers what I’ve taken in the past, what I did like, and what I didn’t like. And he’s a VERY nice guy! He found a book for me to help with self-treatment over the summer (as he treats me during the University year only). He didn’t just throw prescriptions my way, he really wants me to get better. Also, he’s very reachable as he gives his cell phone# out for follow-up between appointments, or for any problems one may have, if any.

Dr Berent is an amazing doctor!!! He’s easy to talk to and has a very professional caring manner. I have referred numerous individuals to him. He makes a positive difference in peoples lives. He’s very current and well informed on the latest treatment options and is highly focused on each individual. I find him to be very trustworthy and value him profoundly. He is a true asset to his profession! He brings a better quality of life to those he treats!

Dr. Berent was the first doctor to correctly diagnose me. He has been a tremendous help to me and I would urge anyone who is struggling to see him

Very nice doctor. I have enjoyed meeting with him. His treatment of my disorder has been excellent.

This doctor is fantastic! He has truly helped my daughter and me. He has a great sense of humor, too

I am very happy with the treatment I receive from Dr. Philip Berent. He is a very knowledgeable and extremely likable man, and I have great faith in him. He was able to help me even more than the MD I saw previous to Dr. Berent’s arrival in our community. HE is very easy to trust, and I trust him a great deal. He is personable and friendly. I certainly would recommend him to anyone

Dr. Berent adjusted my meds and made life a lot easier to deal with!

I would refer him to anyone. He has helped me when so many have failed. Don’t hesitate to give him a try. Thank You CR

Is thorough and experienced. Establishes a good rapport with the patient and will address concerns

Terrific Doctor. He knows his medicine and relates well to children and teens. If you have tried others and your child still isn’t healthy, he will be able to help.