Philip Berent MD

Length of Treatment

Initial sessions are followed by a medical appointment within two to four weeks. These are interim telephone calls and text messages to determine medication response and problems that can be quickly addressed to keep the treatment on course. Patients must be informed about what to expect from medications.

At the second visit, it should be evident that progress is being made. The patient and I assess benefits and side effects; modifications are made as necessary.

The third visit is once again about three to six months later. It will take about four to eight weeks for a person’s physiology to stabilize and up to 12-16 weeks for a stable remission. At this point whatever current conflicts exist or past psychological traumas pose a problem, issues of psychological therapies are discussed. Modalities are the traditional talk therapy, but more effective are rapid treatments, such as heart centered hypnotherapy and holographic memory resolution. For these ongoing I refer to general colleagues with whom I work collaboratively.

Follow-up visits vary from monthly to every four to six months.

I am dedicated to providing my patients with the best treatment options available.  I have chosen to be an out of network doctor and do not accept insurance.  Having a cash-based practice gives me the flexibility and freedom to tailor a treatment plan that best serves each individual patient.